Nora kirkpatrick dating

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Nora kirkpatrick dating

Jennifer was born in Walnut Creek, California and attended college at California State University Fresno majoring in liberal studies.

She met her husband Trevor 25 years ago at Lassen College in Susanville, California.

Many women are going grey as a statement of independence and confidence. Nora has recently discovered a passion for weightlifting, has become a personal trainer, and is planning to return to school to obtain her Bachelors degree in kinesiology.She considers herself an “undercover nerd” who enjoys reading book series with her kids.We recently posed a question to our community on the Sixty and Me Facebook page: “Are you ready to stop dyeing your hair?” Nearly half of the women who responded were very firm in saying, “I am never going to go grey.” The other half were passionately supportive of grey hair.

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Most women over 60 will at some point find themselves dealing with grey hair.

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